What is the absolute worst thing about browsing for pictures on the Internet? It’s not coming up empty handed – it’s stumbling across something you did NOT want to see in the first place. Inappropriate content, unwanted images and rude comments run wild on the Internet and many images you see and comments you read can never be “unseen” once you encounter them. What’s a person to do? - that’s what.

What’s was founded to provide people with a trustworthy and easy to navigate photo sharing website that can be used to upload, view and share photos without being bombarded with inappropriate photos and content. We aim to provide a safe photo sharing environment that is protected from unsavory images and shocking content. uses a unique and proprietary system that we developed in-house for filtering all uploaded photos and comments before they ever go public, so you will never have a “gross out” moment again. Our team of developers and designers has put together a system that is not only effective, but also easy for the end user as well. Everything that passes through the gates of – from photos to comments - is sure to be free of nudity, violence or other unsavory content. With you can upload, enjoy and share photos with friends and family with the confidence that you won’t expose them to something they never wanted to see in the first place. Upload and share family photos, vacations or anything else knowing they won’t bump into anything inappropriate or risk embarrassment. is perfect for browsing while at work. In a world full of “Not Safe For Work” content, can be the difference between keeping and losing your job. Why risk it using any other website? Furthermore, is kid friendly! Our in-house developed and perfected filtering system makes sure the only photos and comments that are shown are appropriate even for little eyes.

Signing up for is quick and easy! Once you’re signed up, you can begin uploading, tagging, commenting and sharing photos right away! commits to maintaining an Internet that is appropriate for everyone. Though our use of our technology and people we are able to provide the Internet and it’s citizens a safe and friendly environment for sharing images and comments. We believe that freedom on the Internet means not only having the right to share and say whatever you want – but also having the option to be protected from comments and images you never intended to see. Looking forward, the team at plans to improve our website, introduce new and exciting technology and expand our message across other platforms.

- The Team