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Cottage Shabby Chic Small Bathroom Decor Storage Basket Ruffle Shower Curtain Mormon humor part 1! This had me busting a gut, really laughing out loud!! Maldives Rated #4 Beach in the world (national geographic) Smoky Quartz on Rhyolite / Mooralla, Victoria, Australia The best fan in the world… #JoeyTheJuniorReporter Free Christmas Printables Up the Wazoo! Plus some fun Christmas home inspiration. flower crown... With heavier flowers tucked into braid in back Every Day I love you [my husband always says this to me - so cool to see it in writing] Vintage wedding ring, awww it's so simple.
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Pink lace dress wedding prom crochet  tiered  by vintageopulence #3 Ahhhhhh.... |||| Funny: Cute animal pics - Xaxor Cute idea for teacher gifts.  Can change up for end of school year or Christmas #10 Chili Rubbed Pork Roast |||| The 36th AVENUE my life #5 Beyonce and Jay Z Bowling Alley |||| How much fun can we have in this house? But again, if you’re a big celebrity, you can’t go out very often and your best option is having something like this in your own home.
Celebrity Houses Interior Design Ideas - Home Bunch #5 Saturn in a different light |||| NASA's Cassini spacecraft has taken pictures of Saturn and Earth before. In this 2006 image, Earth is a tiny dot on the left, just to the inside of the second outer ring. #5 Answering-Service Employee |||| The work: When you call your doctor’s office at 3 a.m., the person who answers might be someone just like you, at home in her pajamas.< Online Jobs That Really Pay - #9 Honey-Glazed Buttermilk Coffee Cake |||| Use honey, nature's favorite sweetner, to glaze the top of a warm buttermilk  coffee cake. Rolled oats and chopped pecans give the cake heartiness; finely shredded lemon peel provides some tart.Easy Fall Baking Recipes
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I love this picture...just hanging out together
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