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Tsunami disaster2011.Sendai.Ship48.jpg (800×990) Broken Heart: 1906 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive Guido Mangold | Art auction results, prices and photographies estimates
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#2 Polenta Gratin with Spinach and Wild Mushrooms |||| Commercial wild mushroom mixes (usually a combination of shiitake, cremini and oyster mushrooms) are a godsend: Some invisible helper has already cleaned, stemmed and sliced the mushrooms for you. In this recipe, they are mixed with spinach and cream, then baked in a luscious gratin under smooth rounds of precooked polenta until bubbling hot. Iconic Fall Flavors: Mushrooms, Apples, Butternut Squash | Food #3 Dog Treats |||| The Homemade Dog Treats recipe from Add A Pinch has a meaty flavor.  Get the whole scoop right here.Homemade Dog Treat Recipes | creative gift ideas #6 Banana Dog |||| Anything as silly as a banana dog is sure to send your kid off to school with a chuckle or two! Fun Breakfast Ideas To Make Your Kids Smile | Spoonful Styling Shoulder Length Hair Family-Friendly Flat Belly Diet Recipes hair #10 ACURA NSX |||| Given Acura’s recent design history, this concept could have been some sort of horrifying squid-beaked travesty. But the NSX concept was a showstopper for all the right reasons. It looks nothing like the original NSX with its long dragonfly tail. The NSX concept, which is said to accurately predict the production car, is a gleaming compact jewel of techno-elegance, all faceted like a brilliant-cut diamond. 2013 10Best: Concept Cars – Feature – Car and Driver #7 KIA TRACK'STER |||| The Kia Soul, an econobox straight out of Toontown, came on the market and promptly ate the Scion xB and Nissan Cube’s lunch. So why shouldn’t a chopped, slammed, and fat-tired version perform the same feat on the Mini Cooper? That appears to be the aim of this two-toned bullfrog on wheels. It’s cool enough that we’re even willing to forgive the silly apostrophe in its name. 2013 10Best: Concept Cars – Feature – Car and Driver Love the colors
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Broken Heart: 1906 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive
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