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Is your bathroom lacking storage? If so, we show you how to make these adorable storage wall ca... Hand-Colored Candles | Crafts | Spoonful Roses, Stephanotis and Orchids Bouquet - I'm so glad I'm starting to see the Stephanoti... Vintage Tiffany Ring. Shoe nap! Must have for my xmas decoration extravaganza! #decor #christmas #burlap making this this weekend... Only I'm using pre-made lace/ribbon and green/gold burlap... Will post picture :) 7f624838e105fae41094416703c71070.jpg (192×253) great weskit bedroom
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#6 Neglecting them-not fair at all! |||| It is not easy to stay in touch with all your friends or maybe not everyone is talented to do this. But when they come up to you, never ignore them. Time is such a precious entity that no one would want to waste. So don’t ever give a chance and stay connected! plastic canvas barbie furniture pattern Quiche | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond There is something very soothing about this decor....I could be very comfy here. This Glowing Rudolph Clay Pot looks awesome, but it's actually so simple to make! It's a perfect Christmas craft for kids! Instructions on how to make wreaths out of so many different things!!!  Wrapping paper, candy canes, shotgun shells and more! Get red and white tissue paper and make wreath like this? Or wall decorations? Or both? Hooked on Crochet! Hats I love Talia Castellano! Such a sweet young girl who is fighting cancer. Youtube makeup guru an...
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