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#4 Sisal-Rope Spheres ||||
Make It: First, buy round or egg-shaped foam spheres and sisal rope. Next, unfurl the sisal rope, then wrap around the foam sphere, covering its surface completely by securing with hot glue. Lastly, hot-glue a loop of ribbon to the top of the sphere and hang on the tree. Cute Minnie Mouse cupcake idea... even cute without the bow Lucy's Stash Bags & Shoes Cupcakes #9 DIY Snow Globe |||| 
Make It: Start by picking up a clear glass or plastic ball ornament. Add a two-inch layer of artificial snow along the bottom, and then suspend miniature holiday figurines from the ornament's foil or metal cap using fishing line. Once hung, this simple, clear ornament takes on the appearance of a sophisticated snow globe. Only Fashion: winter 2013 outfits Christmas crafts: DIY candy ornaments Fort Kit for birthday present, includes sheets, rope, clamps, flashlight and glow sticks. Basically the best kid gift ever. for the home
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Peter McGuire

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#2 Lighted Pathway |||| Rows of candy canes on the lawn and walkway provide a sparkling pathway. Oversize red bows and hanging garland stand out against the white house.
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