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Pit bull... Modern Squares Quilt with herringbone quilting design.  This would work well with charm squares (smaller) or layer cakes (larger). red stripes I will be in scrubs, jeans or workout clothes but I am a gladiator! My motto for this upcoming year. lets do this. Next Year's Halloween Costume. Love this for the boys 1951 Jaguar C-Type | Otherwise known as a XK120-C Whenever I can't login... 748.jpg 288×288 pixels
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Twitter / EarthPix: Morning in Rouen, France ... ~Reese’s Bottom Cheesecake! | Oh Bite It //
Yea and sometimes second chances are one to many #4 Top of Tyrol Studai Glacier (Austria) |||| The Top of Tyrol viewing platform was completed in 2008 and provides visitors with spectacular views over 103 peaks. All of the parts -- including 19 tons of steel -- were lowered into place by helicopter. Spectacular 2-tier Elbow Wedding Veils With Beading Edge #9 Road trips |||| With roadside oddities like the world's largest ball of paint in Indiana, along with infamous rest areas dotting a majestic roadscape at uniform intervals, you're never far from the next adventure. And if you don't know why this photo accompanies a bit on road trips, you've never been on a proper one. Not gonna lie, it was such a funny moment. Collins is such a genius for putting that in. It shows that the games didn't involve kids with the natural mentality of adults, just that they were a couple of teens forced into it, cruelly so.
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