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Mom, show this to dad and send me an email with what he needs to make me one of these for my office. PLEASE 50 Anniversary Decorations | Sweet Mischief Ja Cake Ideas: 50th Wedding Anniversary Garden Gazebo made with salvaged barn tin, barn timbers and spindles owl cupcakes | creative gift ideas & news at catching fireflies Amazing Edwardian Fashion 1900 to 1920 Everyone has a purpose. Maybe yours is to change the world. Maybe it's to change a persons world. Or helping someone who needs their world changed. or better yet what can you give me in the ER to take home with me? It's not the future that you're afraid of. It's repeating the past that makes you anxious. by deeplifequotes, via Flickr
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love it! Blog with great kid craft ideas What a beautiful and unique idea for a crib, the hammock crib. Not that I plan on having another, just liked the uniqueness of this crib. #7 Studio DIY |||| Studio DIY is one happening party of a DIY blog. Everything is colorful, festive and usually sparkly, too! Stay tuned this season for the cheeriest of holiday party decorations (and I suspect even a few amazing hair accessories) for all your holiday gatherings. Favorite Recent Project: Check out these mid-century modern cocktail glasses DIY Blogs to Follow for the Holidays | Babble Subversion I   by Miriam Sweeney "Family photo outfit" by heathernicole318 on Polyvore Edwardian Fashion 1900 to 1920 pretty #eye #makeup #FXProm Upside Down Grace: Things I Love Thursday
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