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Never stop. Never stop dreaming. Never stop fighting. And don't be afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve. - Tom Hiddleston <3 Cardigan for my sweet nephew.  If I start on it now I bet I can finish before he starts kindergarden! be kind.  Dotty Lambert lived this way--can you imagine anything better then being raised by a momma like this? Pink lace dress wedding prom crochet  tiered  by vintageopulence Hahaha, I swear this really is what goes through kids heads! Twisty bun...  Super easy for a toddler, just wrap some of those little rubberbands around the twisted bun to secure, no bobby pins poking her head! Brown and Pink Hair – Hair Colors Ideas Cake Decorating tutorials- 4 part series and other useful tutorials. Idiot's Guide to Photoshop (Parts 1-4)
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Vermont Cheddar Mashed Yukon Golds ... Extra-sharp Cheddar and buttermilk add a tangy punch to these potatoes. Try using Vermont Cheddar cheese. Top 10 First Baby Foods Mike Trout goes home Wellington Arch, London #1 Bbq Pit Extraordinaire ||||  Yes, this backyard is a little over the top, but who wouldn’t want to spend some time here?! Celine Dion's Florida Home. Celebrity Houses Interior Design Ideas - Home Bunch so cute for baby boy beautifulmodest #1 Harvest Soup |||| Autumn Inspiration: Cooking with local fare | City Mom hmmm bangs or no?
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Ernest Brann

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F. Scott Fitzgerald quote. Love it! #quotes
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