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#7 Fighting for silly reasons |||| To fight, you may get plenty of reasons but to let go, all you need is no reason. Why fight with someone who is already ours? #1 Not giving them their space in life! |||| Friendship is not something we can buy in a store and sell when we don’t want it anymore. It is so obvious that everyone demands a space for themselves. But what is wrong when your friend demands the same? Don’t let space for this feeling because it’s completely wrong and major friendship break ups happen at this time. Friends are meant to be earned and never lost. #4 Jealousy |||| As I mentioned earlier, a friend is almost a sibling. We tend to share everything possible with them. Then, why should we feel jealous? When you don’t like something in your friends, make sure to go up to them and tell them right then and when you like something, then also go up to them and tell them how nice it is. This automatically keeps jealousy away and prevents disasters in friendship and your friends will be yours forever. #10 Money matters - Not a healthy sign! |||| Many people in this world feel ‘money makes man’ but they fail to realize the very true fact that ‘ Man makes money’. It was man who invented money. Why do we give so much of importance to something that was created by us and not us? Why not just stop giving importance to this ‘money’ and start valuing relationships. #9 Not staying in contact-Ego?? |||| Ego has brought failures in people’s life and nothing more! An egoistic person is never accepted by the society. Why bring this ‘Ego’ among friends? There is nothing as who is great and who is not among friends. Generally like minded usually tend to become good friends. Then, there is no scope for ego to interrupt in between and even if it does then it’s our duty to wash it away and live for them who live for us! #5 Being over possessive |||| Possessiveness is an in built character in all. We say we don’t need everything but all our mind thinks of is, ‘all that is mine is mine’. We just can afford to see friends getting closer to someone else or hanging out with someone else. Being possessive is a great feeling friends cherish but being over possessive is a disease. #2 Respect them |||| Just because they are your friends it’s not fair to rule over them. They are also individuals with self respect is what we need to realize. Respecting them as a human beings and valuing their life makes everything go simple and nice between friends. Call them out and not feeling good and scolding them when they can’t make it is just being too immature. We need to respect their duties as we do ours. #8 Not being honest |||| From kids to adults, we have come across this saying ‘Honesty is the best Policy’. We have read so many stories but have we implemented this in our lives? It is a common notion that once told, a lie has to be kept covered by further lies there is no end for it. I accept it’s not easy to speak the truth but then all easy things aren’t. #3 Let your friends know your life partner! |||| Sundays and national holidays maybe the only time you get to spend time with your family and this is the only time your friends get time off work. Either of them will be hurt when not given importance. The best solution to this problem is to let your partner know your friends and feel comfortable with them so that enjoyment can be together!
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#3 Johan Santana |||| 
Earnings: $25.9 million
Salary: $25.5 million
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Santana is in the final year of the six-year, $137.5 million contract he signed with Mets before the 2008 season. He gave Mets fans a night to remember in June with the franchise's first no-hitter. Santana continues to be a popular pitchman in his native Venezuela and shills for Rawlings and New Balance in the U.S. Crockpot Mac and Cheese, no pre-boiling noodles necessary! Nails #14 You have a guilty soul elegant, especially with colorful pillows There is something very soothing about this decor....I could be very comfy here. The secret to perfect cinnamon rolls, dough and filling recipe. where can I find this shirt?!! How to make a cupcake bouquet
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#7 Fighting for silly reasons |||| To fight, you may get plenty of reasons but to let go, all you need is no reason. Why fight with someone who is already ours?
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