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Easy Homemade Christmas Ornaments

#9 DIY Snow Globe |||| 
Make It: Start by picking up a clear glass or plastic ball ornament. Add a two-inch layer of artificial snow along the bottom, and then suspend miniature holiday figurines from the ornament's foil or metal cap using fishing line. Once hung, this simple, clear ornament takes on the appearance of a sophisticated snow globe. #7 Fabric Scrap Balls  |||| 
Make It: Give a dated holiday ornament a charming touch using wrapped fabric scraps. First, cut linen or cotton fabric into 24-inch-long by one-half-inch-wide strips. Next, wrap the ornaments with the fabric strips, securing each end with hot glue. Layer the scraps around each ornament until completely covered. #4 Sisal-Rope Spheres ||||
Make It: First, buy round or egg-shaped foam spheres and sisal rope. Next, unfurl the sisal rope, then wrap around the foam sphere, covering its surface completely by securing with hot glue. Lastly, hot-glue a loop of ribbon to the top of the sphere and hang on the tree. #10 Cookie-Dough Ornaments |||| #3 Felt-and-Thread Snowflake |||| #6 Road-Map Snowflake ||||
Make It: Cut thick card stock to size by tracing a snowflake silhouette with a marker, then update it with a light mist of spray snow. For a splash of color, an old highway map was cut to size, then folded accordion-style to add texture. Lastly, small brass ornamentation was added for a metallic touch. #2 Scrabble Letters |||| 
Make It: Add a playful touch to your tree with a Scrabble letter ornament. Spell out names or phrases with wooden letters, then apply to strands of ribbon or fabric with hot glue. #8 Sweet Baby Shoes |||| 
Make It: Turn outgrown baby shoes into holiday ornaments by adding a four-inch section of rope or twine to the shoes' straps, and then tying two small knots to connect the pair. To hang securely, place one shoe on each side of a branch until they hang evenly. #5 Sheet Music Pinecones ||||
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#3 Felt-and-Thread Snowflake ||||
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