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Haha...story of my life. Hahaha I can think of a few this can apply to!! Print a QR Code and display in the craft booth to take people to a facebook page, etsy shop or website!  BRILLIANT. Wedding, Flowers, Bouquet, Bridal, Calla, Lilies, The blue orchid Great mothers day gift. Rustic Sign for all those Moms Out There. Mothers of Little Boys Work f... Light Blue Printed Reading Chair. This is what happens when you microwave a bar of Ivory soap! Then you can tear it up, color it,... iPhone + leather wallet = this diy Design Fanatic: A Little More Organizing
Peter McGuire

Peter McGuire

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#5 Dr. Seuss Inspiration |||| RMS user ckhas found inspiration from writer Dr. Seuss when decorating the front porch for Christmas. Colorful bright ornaments and a wreath correlate with Dr. Seuss' vibrant illustrations in his children's books. Simple garland adds greenery to the space.
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