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#2 Love the Loft ||||  Office Spaces To Inspire |Young Republic 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home - What’s a better way to keep those hair styling tools neat and tidy than with a file folder. You can pick these up for a little of nothing and when you mount them to the inside of your bathroom cabinet door, they make the perfect spot to keep blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners. A grown-up nightlight and chic #Christmas headboard in one? We'll take it. #DIY
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Paper Jewels and other Crafty Gems: Easy Holiday Teacher Treat: Hand Santa-tizer t-shirt -> headband #3 Kindhearted Business |||| When this dry cleaner decided to offer their services to anyone in need – for free. These 20 Photos Are Going To Make You Cry. But You’ll See Why It’s Totally Worth It. #6 Frozen Nutella Hot Chocolate |||| Rich hazelnut-based Nutella adds a bit of decadence to this tasty treat. 
Image: Kelsey Banfield. Incredible Hot Chocolate Recipes It's Written on the Wall: Yummy Smores Recipes- Perfect for Camping, Parties, Wedding and more Awwwe:) Being alone | Oscar Wilde Siamese cat figurine polymer clay christmas ornament. $12.50, via Etsy. #5 Merida from Brave |||| This Food Is (Almost) Too Cute to Eat
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#2 Love the Loft |||| Office Spaces To Inspire |Young Republic
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