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Beautiful Palomino Peruvian Paso Mare, added by Ana Maria Garcia Montero of San Diego, CA Step-by-step tutorial: Crochet a set of rainbow nesting baskets. #FreeTutorial #Rainbow #Crochet #NestingBaskets this is more what I had in mind for highlights...mainly one darker color with just a few streaks of a contrasting color (blonde in summer, red in fall/winter) Kwanzaa Activities for Kids Geometric Chevron Dress, Sweet Women's Bohemian Clothing Creamy Grilled Corn Cob Soup Christmas treats that must be made It girl!  jennifer Lawrence First World Problems
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Edible Christmas Gifts. I know this is sort of baking.. but I'm more in love with the adorable wrapping. <3 Paris Italy / Travel Holy Family in the Stable * MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my flickr friends* Aeroplane I want to go there! Italy / Venice / Night / Photography Paris Paris
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