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Modern One shoulder A-line chiffon dress Hahahahaha oh NO! Fantasy Pavlova topped with luscious berries - perfect for Christmas in New Zealand! (Annabel Langbein).  This is how I like my pav - loaded with berries on top of a blend of 50/50 sweetened whipped cream and greek yoghurt, just to cut down the richness a tad. Jamie Chung  Cranberry Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Drizzle from Vegan Yack Attack. Curious about cleansing? Check out this Juice Cleanse & Detox Blog When I build a house someday, I'm displaying my wedding dress my closet with something like this. Ooohh. :)
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000_0075a So true!  My dog heard my troubles and licked the tears away many times Italy / Amalfi / Summer / Sea / Flowers Perfectly Baked Apples | Healthy Dessert for Fall and Winter! Folding 5 Pointed Origami Star Christmas Ornaments japan  Wendy's Chili-This chili is pretty good Santa Cruz, California OMG some people are so stupid lol
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school desk...rescued, painted, chalkboard table. Could probably find this at a thrift store. W...
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