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Math “magic” tricks, think of a number - wtf fun facts When a wand is pointed at you after ten years of training! Sergio Rossi - Cruise Shoes - 2013 In awe of my Creator Fist bump, Father & Son. So cute. <3 The 35 Best DIY Favors… Ever Happy to look at this every day Polka Dots <3 Will someone please buy these for me?
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#3 Truffle Risotto |||| Rice to Riches
"If you are Rita Wilson, stop reading now. Everyone else: This engraved wood box is filled with the ingredients for a decadent black truffle risotto—including Carnaroli rice and a 60-gram black truffle—carefully curated by Per Se chef Thomas Keller. It's my present for Rita this year."—Oprah - #9 Sprinkles Cookie Dough |||| Love Me Dough
"There won't be a crumb left after you bake these decadent cookies from the L.A.-based Sprinkles cupcake empire. Available for the first time, each tube of hand-rolled dough makes six extra-large, extra-delicious treats."—Oprah
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