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Big curls, with light makeup! love the idea of the look for winter<3 In the eye of the storm: Photographer captures breathtaking pictures of Midwest twisters that show incredible beauty in the swirling chaos Kim K is rocking the perfect ombré for girls that plan on wearing it straight most of the time; with perfect graduated color. Looking for a unique Christmas gift wrap? Use natural materials, like this example from Hawaii! Wide ti leaves gathered with a pretty bunch of ferns, berries, and blooms. my kind of hair! Sew Many Ways...: Sewing and Craft Room Ideas and Updates... Jessica Alba Hipsters are the same as old people Crockpot Mac and Cheese, no pre-boiling noodles necessary!
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#8 Kate and Will...They Do Community Service |||| 
(Getty photo) This is how Giraffes sleep. Loves me some pennies!!! kitchen blacksplash tiled with pennies ... I should have bought some rolls worth from the bank before they stopped being currency lmfao The Amazing Spiderman Adorable Blue Eyed Puppy football hat crochet pattern! its hard to find boy hats. penny talk by essie. perfect for fall I don't know what's going on but I just adore Benedict Cumberbatch--> he was doing a fake advertising for a McRib, poor Ben doesn't know what that is #10 Brighton, England |||| The short distance between Brighton and London has made Brighton a popular beach destination. You can catch short flights any day of the week. The sports complex that has been developed here offers a wide range of sports activities, including Frisbee and beach volleyball. Apart from this, the Brighton Artists Quarter also forms a major attraction here.
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