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Best Shopping Cities

#2 Tokyo |||| The best of Tokyo shopping can be found in the department store. Isetan's mammoth flagship in Shinjuku has shopping consultants who will advise customers on everything from shoes to fish. #5 Paris |||| The best shops in Paris sell lifestyles. Case in point: Whimsical shop Merci stocks designer goods that fall under the category of utterly useless but absolutely irresistible. #11 Milan |||| Home to what many fashion industry insiders consider the world's most important fashion district, the Quadrilatero della Moda, Milan gave the world Prada, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and many more high-fashion brands. #9 Dubai, United Arab Emirates |||| Dubai is known for glamour and excess; the shopping here would have your Scottish/Chinese/Indian/Great Depression grandmother spinning in her inexpensive plywood coffin. Home to the world's largest mall, Dubai is also home to an indoor ski resort ... at a mall. #12 Seoul |||| Where the most credit card transactions per person takes place -- read: serious shopping addictions. While foreign luxury goods tend to get a hefty mark up, local boutiques tend to be cheap and very chic. #7 Buenos Aires |||| How many styles can you pack into one place? Buenos Aires is famous for leather and jewelry and style-obsessed citizens. #3 London |||| London prices can destroy your will to live. But get over the sticker shock and you'll see London shopping at its best. Bold, eclectic and international, Liberty department store will inspire you to buy things you never knew existed. #8 Vienna |||| Vienna's early closing hours don't have to be a total buzz kill. It has some of the best values in Europe, second on the index for total cost of luxury items. #6 Hong Kong |||| "Shopping is one of, if not the, major attraction in Hong Kong. The city ranks highly across most indicators, not least for convenience," says the Global Shopper Index, which deems Hong Kong the best shopping city in Asia. According to the research, 76% of shopping tourists "expressed above-average satisfaction on value for money in 2011."
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#10 Madrid |||| Madrid ranks third for best prices on luxury items in the Globe Shopper Index. We love it for the glorious sidewalks.
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